It is the mission of The Ensemble newsletters to built a more active, informed and visible network within the El Sistema community.  Busy program leaders, educators, students and families do not have the time to search for the discoveries and accomplishments of their colleagues in nearby regions and around the world.  The Ensemble and The World Ensemble are volunteer endeavors to strengthen the ties among a movement that is already strong in passion and practice.

As of January 2016, there are about 375 El Sistema-inspired programs around the world, in 63 countries, involving almost 900,000 students.  These newsletters are the only publications dedicated to connecting them; we urge you to pass these newsletters on to colleagues, to sign up friends and colleagues for free subscriptions, and to follow up on leads and links in the articles.

Also, use the list of Resources under the "Other Information" tab to find web sites dedicated to building the field, especially Sistema Global, the foremost online resource center for the global movement.